About Us

Furniche is a specialty furniture rental store.

We understand the growing need for niche, well-designed and quality furniture that is not yet provided for in the market.

Supporting local and international businesses in furnishing small and large scale events with quintessential, modern and contemporary furniture are where our strength lies. 

Our unique and thorough portfolio of products are dedicated for events and are carefully curated. They are suitable for different needs and budgeting (i.e. Essential Range and Luxury Range).

Experimental rather than conformist - creating and anticipating different trends for the events industry rather than just being a follower differentiates us from our competition. 

Coupled with 10 years of experience within the service and events industries, we believed that we use our knowledge to share and match for both first-time and seasoned clients.

With background in creative directing and photography, we pride ourselves with an eye for details and good aesthetic sense.


The Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Policy is implemented in September 2011 as a compulsory requirement for all industry in Singapore as by the Government of Singapore.

Awarded with BizSafe Level 3 which is reflected on here, FURNICHE is committed to ensuring the safety and health of its members and employees.